Gregg Young receives a congratulatory letter from Mayor Eric Garcetti for the recognition of his save the rainforest song, “Rain Cried Softly”.

Young states, “While sitting in a misty rain, thoughts pour over of how full of life the rainforest is, with countless species yet to be identified that are right here, now, all a part of our Mother Earth and our flow of Life. Rich! Bountiful! Beautiful! Necessary!

Rain Cried Softly is the flow of music from that moment. It flowed to me, through me. It swirled all around me. It became me. I became it.

This recording is the sculpture of that moment, a performance frozen and shared.”

Enjoy the award-winning song on YouTube:

City of Los Angeles certificate awarded to Gregg Young for his recognition of "Rain Cried Softly" signed by Eric Garcetti