Gregg Young & the 2nd Street Band with Vocals.

Rock’N’Roll, Groove Jazz, R&B, Latin Jazz/Rock, Reggae, and Pop.

Line-up: Multi-genre, award-winning Gregg Young/Guitar & Vocals, Soulful, Stunning Viva Vinson/Vocals, Joey Navarro/Keys, (Tierra, El Chicano & Malo), Grammy-Nominated Kirkwood Coakley/Bass & Vocals, LA’s Finest Casey Jones/Drums/Percussion & Vocals, Award-winning PanMan Ross Harper/Steel Drum & Percussion, and Kevin Greening/Tech Support (A-1, engineer Cerritos Performing Art Center).

Location: ​Harry Bridges Memorial Park, 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach CA 90802

C’mon down and drink some wine and enjoy a groove vibe with live music in a beautiful Long Beach landscape, seascape!

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